Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I’m still knitting like a crazy woman!

I’ve been thinking the knitting is a stress reliever for me…but after trying magic loop knitting, I’m not so sure.

little purse 2
I just wanted to try something little with an I cord handle. This was my test. Kristi is holding it here, but Caleb thinks it's so “cute” and keeps taking it places to show it off. Funny man-child.

Our weather got really snowy and nasty…the kind I don’t like to go out in, so I haven’t ventured out to take pictures of anything. The kids spent the afternoon/evening outside building snowmen. They had a great time, and made quite a family of snowmen…but then the rain came. Sad smile Their snow family started looking more and more like sad, dirty pyramids of snow. Oh well. I guess that’s winter in Montana.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Elli. Looks like you're quite good at knitting.

Sandra said...

Awesome little purse. Now, who's is it really?
I agree with Sasi, you're very good at knitting.

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