Monday, December 20, 2010


Wow - Sandra Marek makes this look easy! I wanted a properly exposed portrait of Kristi with Christmas light bokeh in the background. "Properly exposed" was a lot harder than I expected! I ended up pointing my off-camera flash up and behind me to bounce off the ceiling and wall - here are the settings I used with my 50mm lens: ss 1/80; iso 100; f/2.8. I'm actually quite happy with the results now that all the messing is done. 

If I had had more than one string of lights that worked I would have gotten a few more in the background - especially on the right side of the frame - but there ya have it. I need the LightKeeper


Sandra said...

Kristi is getting so big! Beautifully done Elli. I like the colors of the bokehed lights. The only thing I would do different is use a wider open f-stop, if your lens is as wide open as it goes then I'd get a little more separation from subject, but really it turned out gorgeous.
I want to thank you for your continued friendship it means a lot to me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Surely Sandra makes such shots seems quite easy, doesn't she...

Lovely portrait of Kristi and I think the bokeh as a backdrop has turned out real nice.

lordvanhelden said...

She looks a little bit like Kurt in the serie Glee :)

Nancy said...

Oh my, simply beautiful.

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