Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was just sure I was going to have time to do the Daily Shoot assignment today - shooting wide open - but it didn't happen. I found out late this morning that the Ugly Sweater Christmas party we were going to this evening wasn't really planned out. The administrator in me just couldn't have that, so I spent most of the day making arrangements and plans for this evening's shindig. I never took a single photo with my camera. I did take one photo and a few videos with my cell phone though - and the photo is definitely one of my new favorites...

Does my honey know how to dress up, or what? He says he heard this was going to be a red tie affair. We voted for the ugliest sweater and the winner got to take home Ken's tie. The winning sweater (another photo opportunity missed) was one that had King Henry VIII and his wives on it. Definitely a winner for an ugly sweater contest!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope all my blog friends are happy and healthy this Christmas season!


Sandra said...

That's just priceless! LOL
Hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

This made me chuckle ;)
Happy Holidays Elli!

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