Monday, December 13, 2010


I got to spend some time with a fun little lady today! A is 6 months old, and she’s just as cute as can be. She was a bit stubborn about smiling for the camera – she consistently smiled immediately after the shutter closed, or as soon as I pulled the camera away – but she sure was a little trooper. She sure can hold herself up on her arms, too! She stayed on her belly propped up on her arms for longer than I did!

These were shot with natural light that was constantly changing. The clouds kept coming and going, and at one point we had almost direct sunlight coming through the window. By the end of our hour the sun had gone behind the mountains so we were almost out of light – that’s why the wall looks different in every photo.


Anonymous said...

Lovely portraits of little lady. I like the use of natural lighting for these portraits shots.

Sandra said...

Really nice work Elli,
My favorite is #1. I like the angle and her expression. These look like studio shots - great use of natural lights! I bet it was fun. I miss taking baby pics.

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