Friday, December 10, 2010


The assignment from the Daily Shoot was to illustrate something that makes you feel anxious. I had to think about this one, because, really, I don't think I feel anxious very often. But there is one thing that is the cause of the anxiety I feel these days...

For those who are interested, this was shot with window light only. I purposely used a purple pen to add a bit of color to the scene - thanks for the pen, Julie!

Now I'm off to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant with my sweetie. Then I think we'll do something crazy like a trip to the grocery store!


Anonymous said...

Surely the inclusion on purple pen takes your eyes right to that spot in this shot - may be because it's places on that grid spot ;)

I think going grocery shopping after dinner at a restaurant is a good thing to don't want to do it otherwise and end up buying more.

Sandra said...

Great shot. Perfect lighting and the splash of color adds a bit of "excitement" to the task of bill paying/checkbook balancing.
Nicely done my friend.

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