Saturday, December 4, 2010


I took a BUNCH of photos today! I ended up shooting a very small, very informal wedding this evening, then rushing home to take some shots of Fancy and her friend all dressed up for a formal dance. I didn't get permission to share the wedding photos, but if I get that I'll share some soon. I can, however, share my favorite shot of Fancy...

Here is my Daily Shoot photo - "Find a composition...with a strong line...that cuts from one corner of the frame to the other."

So...still sick...exhausted...all done for today. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely shot of Fancy. Looks like you get to use your flash for this shot ;)

Fancy is a real pretty lady.

Sandra said...

. . .and you have had a busy day!
Wow that picture of Fancy is simply beautiful! She's all grown up.
Love the DS image today. The colors in the background are awesome.

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