Monday, November 29, 2010


TDS - "Illustrate what the word vision means to you. Either be literal or interpret it broadly and artistically."

I had a vision for a portrait of Austin - one in which he had a pleasant expression, eye contact, and no bruises. I was able to carry out my vision with a combination of camera settings, Photoshop, and luck. (For those who are unaware - This special little man has always been interesting to shoot - he has a hard time with eye contact and attention span, and he wasn't able to use his facial muscles until relatively recently, so smiling photos of him are rare. I was pleased with this one.)


Anonymous said...

Lovely portrait of Austin.He has a very good smile and I like his pose for this shot.

I think what makes this a great portrait shot is DOF and eye level composition.

Good work Elli!

Sandra said...

What an awesome portrait of Austin! He looks great AND he's smiling.
On the techincal side the lighting is perfect, composition is good and a beautifully blurred background.

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