Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today's Daily Shoot assignment is "Go for an unusual point of view and make a photograph that can only be made from that viewpoint." Well, I don't know if this is a particularly unusual viewpoint, but it's the best vantage point to see how Molly is cradling her face. She either sleeps like this - with her face cradled by one paw - or she crosses her front feet and rests her chin on them. She's a funny girl. 

Yesterday, after all that playing at Nana's, she came home and found her cushion. At that time it was just tossed in my bedroom - not its normal place - but she went in and went to sleep on it like it was bedtime. I guess she wore herself out! Apparently she wasn't the only one. Last night is the first night in years that we did not have to reprimand the boys for talking after it was sleep time. I guess 3-4 hours of sledding will wear a body out!


Anonymous said...

Indeed she looks tired!
I like the warm lighting on this shot.

Other note, glad that your kids are doing OK. Sounds a bit scary though.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Great pic.
I like your Fall Blog Background.
Maybe they should sled for hours more often!
I'm one to talk about getting children to sleep. :) In the past 6 weeks, B has slept through the whole night in his own bed 6 times. One more time for his big prize, but man this is slow going!

Levonne said...

I really like this capture and the way it is composed. Nice work.

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