Saturday, November 20, 2010


The guys (my husband and sons) were working hard on the bedroom floor to prepare it for laminate flooring. They were working with one tungsten light bulb until Mom came in and ::gasp:: opened the curtains! But before opening the curtains I took a tungsten shot of the staple remover just for my TDS photo.

TDS - "Tungsten light can often create a warming effect, depending on your white balance. Use tungsten light in a photo today."

Here's one more shot of the work...

I'm really looking forward to having the laminate flooring in the boys' room. Their carpet has been so yucky for so long!


Anonymous said...

I like these kind of shots. You can make a journal out of these and it's always good to go back in time and reminisce the good old days.

Leslie said...

That is going to be so nice when it is done. How fun.

Sandra said...

Awesome about the new floor. I know we will be getting an "after" shot.
Nice, make those boys work! LOL

Amanda said...

It's great that you took these photos! Progress!! These shots will be great to look at when the project is done and all but forgotten.

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