Friday, November 12, 2010


The Daily Shoot - "Create a composition that playfully incorporates text of some sort in it today. Make it meaningful to you if you can."

Today is my darling’s birthday. I took him out to dinner and had these great candles put on his apple streusel cheesecake. In case you have trouble reading it..."LOST COUNT"

(I really should have used a tripod and a slow shutter speed to get better light, but those candles were burning really fast!)


Anonymous said...

He should have ordered a larger dessert! bc

Leslie said...

That is awesome! You know I love getting words in my pics so this is a fave of mine! Hope he had a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Real nice Elli.
I love this low light shot of cheesecake lit by the candles.

Sandra said...

LOL - Lost count? Love it! I want some of those for my next bd!

Great image too. I like the low light.

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