Friday, November 5, 2010


Today was one of “those” days. It wasn’t a bad day – just ineffectual. Unfortunately, that means that I didn’t have time for a good photo today. I really wanted to go for a walk to look for today’s Daily Shoot assignment (low color saturation), and today’s Project 365 challenge (texture). I didn’t get to do either. I spent a big chunk of my day in the mall waiting for a pair of glasses to be finished. While we were waiting Ken, Austin, and I went to Red Robin for dinner – Austin loved the tower of onion rings!

Those onion rings definitely had texture! They were nice and crispy on the outside, and very oniony on the inside. Hey…I think a few of those came home with us…maybe I should heat ‘em up in a pan…

(Sorry for the cell phone photo, but I didn’t carry my big camera bag into the mall for our 3-hour foray.)


Leslie said...

Oh my goodness...that looks so yummy! we have a Red Robin in town but never go. You are tempting me ;)

Sandra said...

Still looks delicious! Yum

Anonymous said...

Those are huge onion rings piled up high. Looks yummy indeed!

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