Monday, November 1, 2010


Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is “balance.” I chose to interpret it in artistic terms – in terms of having the image appear harmonious, with all the elements playing a part in the overall scheme. More info on artistic balance can be found here.

Here is my shot for the day. For this shot “balance” could take on another meaning – in order to make sure my car, the neighbor’s car, the skateboard, the joggers, and the street traffic didn’t show in this photo I had to balance on the edge of the other bench in my front yard, hold my tongue just so, and stretch up and to the right. :-)


Anonymous said...

This is a nice composition. Love the feel of autumn in this shot.

Thanks for sharing the info on "Harget" in my blog post. We like "Harget" too ;)

Sandra said...

It is nicely balanced and the composition works, however, I would have like to see a picture of you blalance with the camera and tongue out. LOL

...and by the way, I love that the pumpkin is laying on it's side.

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