Friday, October 22, 2010


Today's Friday challenge for our Project 365 group was to take a portrait and show some character. Here's the one I submitted for that challenge...

I thought about having him wash his face before taking the portrait, but since "character" was in the challenge guidelines, I decided he should just be "Andrew."

Here is the triptych I made from the shots I got of Andrew...

(Oops - I see a boo boo in this layout, but it's too late to fix it for today. Oh well.)

And here's a whole group of Friday characters...

If you're feeling a little conflicted after viewing this shot it could be because a couple boys want you to live long and prosper, and a couple tyrannosaurus rexes are out to get you. That's life in Scrivnerburg. 


Anonymous said...

Boys being boys ;)
Nice shots Elli.

Sandra said...

These are really really cute.
and the story is funny. Nice shots. You captured his personality (compasionate and loving) in that first image.

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