Saturday, October 16, 2010


I liked the Daily Shoot photo I ended up with today - especially because Rose really met the challenge! The Daily Shoot assignment was "Make a photograph of an edge of something." Rose was standing on the fence, and I got this shot just as her feet were tipping over the edge (no worries - she landed on her feet in a large leaf pile).

This has been a lazy day for me. I have done almost nothing today. It was fun!!

3 comments: said...

Nice interpretation of TDS. Glad that you are able to keep up the the daily shoot assignments.

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

I love the story behind this... great perfect capture for the daily shoot :) I did the edges of my shopping bags from my shopping trip I had yesterday !!

Sandra said...

what do u mean you've done nothing? You took a picture right?

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