Tuesday, October 12, 2010


No Daily Shoot photo for me today. The assignment was “stairs” but I didn’t have time to hunt up an interesting set of stairs. I did find a couple cutie patooties in my front yard though. While we were in Hamilton for therapies we stopped at the thrift store to see what was what and found a bunch of hats and gloves/mittens for winter. It was nearly 70 degrees outside, but that didn’t keep Kristi and Caleb from wearing their new winter garb!

True to form, Caleb’s hat is on inside out. He likes the way the brim sits when it’s turned this way. He was absolutely thrilled with his “colorful mittens” too!


Sandra said...

Aw, they ARE cutie pattooties. Glad they are ready for winter.

Anonymous said...

Indeed cute kids ;)

No Daily shoot for me either as I don't seem to have time to find subject to go with the themes. Further, I want to start shooting "things" that I find rather than finding things based on the assignment.

Leslie said...

I love that he does his own thing...I have one of those too ;)
Nice winter gear. It will be needed soon enough!

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