Thursday, October 7, 2010


The Daily Shoot assignment is "abandoned or discarded." Here is a shot of my neighbor's unloved trailer - it's been sitting there with this flat tire for many moons.

I also had to shoot Molly enjoying the leaf pile...

Fall is awesome!
Oh! We had a little visitor for a few hours today. This little guy wandered out of his neighborhood and into ours. He was happily playing in our front yard when we discovered him. He had a collar with an ID number on it, so we called the vet's office and they eventually contacted the owner. Turns out this little guy's name is Bentley and he wandered across Main Street to get to our house. Scary for a little beast like him. He was adorable and funny, and we had a good time with him while he visited. His mommy had been looking for him, and was happy to locate him. Yay for ID tags!


Jennifer said...

Neat snapshot of flat tire..

sweet dog.. glad owner is found.

aw, your dog looked too comfortable!! =-}

Sandra said...

Love the anlge and the pp you chose for your "abandoned" image. Very nice.
What can I say, Molly is a sweetie!
and cut little stray. I bet his mom was happy to have him back.

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