Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today is Andrew’s 12th birthday, so I asked him to help me with The Daily Shoot assignment - “Paper can have texture, be folded, made into an airplane, or crumpled/torn. Make something with paper, then make a photo.”
He was quite happy to make a paper airplane for me.

For all of these I bounced a flash off the ceiling because it was nearly dark outside.
Happy birthday, Andrew! (If you’ve never seen our family story before you can read more about this miracle baby there.)


bakingbarb said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy.

Anonymous said...

I like these shots that tells a story.

Gary said...

Very nice!

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

Happy Birthday :)) Nice paper airplane!!!!!

Sandra said...

Happy birhtday Andrew
what a great helper you have there.

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