Saturday, October 2, 2010


I hosted a Pampered Chef show today. I really love their products, so I host shows about once a year so I can get PC goodies! This is Pampered Chef's Antipasti Pull-Apart Pizza. Unfortunately, the recipe is only available in the current Season's Best book (which is only $1 from PC). It was yummy!

I managed to get my house clean (at least the front part) today. I’m exhausted this evening, but my house looks nice! Ken and the 6 younger kids were very helpful, and I was actually done cleaning, showered, and had the beverages ready before the party guests got here! I don’t think that’s happened since I became a mother!
Today’s photo was taken with window light only, and was taken hastily because everyone wanted to dig into this yummy thing!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy.

I am a bit fan of "natural" light pictures and I like this a lot. Nice close crop.


London Wedding Photographer David Sherjan says:

This just made me super hungry!


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