Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Only 100 days left in this year!! Crazy!

I wasn’t too thrilled with the topic at The Daily Shoot - “Communicate chaos, disorganization, or messiness…” – so I just went out and shot what I saw. Today it happened to be Sweet Molly Magolly. She’s such a good girl now. She’s definitely my dog, and she goes everywhere with me if I let her (even to the bathroom!). Today she went looking for photos with me, and became the subject. It’s been a while since she showed up here, so here she is.


Sandra said...

She's turned into a really beautiful lady! Nice doggie.
Mine are definately mine too - they follow me everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't excited about TDS: clutter assignment either. Not that we don't have clutter, it isn't a photo worthy subject.

Amanda said...

And a very cooperative model as well!!
Nice shot!

Leslie said...

She is pretty. My dog (not as pretty!!) follows me around like that too. She is sitting under my chair right now. I love a loyal doggie.

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