Friday, September 10, 2010


I went out scouting locations for a photo session today. I get to shoot some kids from a great family tomorrow, and I'm excited! Caleb and I went on a "field trip" today to find the best places for photos out at Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge and to see some animals. We saw 5 magpies all together - they were perfectly spaced along a fence, but when I stopped they flew off. Bummers. We also saw one shy deer - she didn't want us to see her face. We saw two little squirrels - as cute as could be! They were curious about us too - they got pretty close to us when we stood still and quiet. Caleb had a great time on the field trip, so he was quite willing to pose for me when I saw a likely spot. My favorite one ended up being the same place I shot some holiday family photos a couple years ago - it's better at this time of year because the concrete bench isn't so so so so so cold!

(Geeky photo stuff - this shot was taken at almost noon, but it was quite overcast, so we got this wonderful, even light. Love it!)

We're already getting some fall colors...why don't I feel ready for that yet?

This one was taken for The Daily Shoot assignment - "Find a strong series of horizontal lines or elements and make a photograph of it today."

We actually spent an hour and a half at the refuge, and enjoyed all of it. It was quite a successful field trip! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice spot - lovely background.

I like your TDS assignment shot. It leaves the viewer to assume what the kiddo is looking at.

Sandra said...

Looks like a great location. Nice of your little one to help you scout out locations. Nice job on TDS.

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