Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here's another cell phone shot. Today was the actual day my baby turned 5, so I took this snap of him this morning. I had Kristi create shade for him but the wind blew her hair, so some sun peeked through - that's why Caleb has the sun spot around his eye.

We are camped just outside Rapid City, South Dakota, and it is WINDY! It was super hot today, so I'm thankful for the breeze, but we really spent the whole evening tying tents down. I hope they're secure!

I'm off to work for a bit. Thanks for stopping!

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Anonymous said...

I admire your commitment to post for your 365 project even during your camp outs. But working during camping is not fun ;)

Sandra said...

Good luck and I hope those tents stay tied down also!
Working? You are supposed to be enjoying your vacation.
Happy Birthday Caleb

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