Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today’s assignment from The Daily Shoot (a photo of a photo) worked perfectly into my photo plans for the day – taking a 5-year portrait of Caleb. Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work perfectly into Caleb’s plans – he wasn’t very cooperative. I did get this one shot though, and it’s pretty close to what I was envisioning. I wanted a 5-year portrait of him with a baby picture. This is my very favorite baby picture of him. I took the baby photo before I knew much about lighting and composition, but I’m reasonably pleased with it. The light was diffused window light from two huge windows, and at the time all I understood was that I loved how the light came out in the shot. Now I know I should give him more head room, and maybe reflect a bit of light back toward the right side of his face…but this was pretty decent for a novice! The new shot was done outside on our new grass, and was all natural light in the shade of a maple tree.caleb-at-5
For some reason Caleb didn’t want anyone to see the baby photo, so don’t tell him I showed it to you!

This Sunday is this little man’s 5th birthday. I asked him how he got from that little 6-month-old baby to this big, 5-year-old boy. He answered, “I waited.”

Duh, Mom.


Anonymous said...

Clever answer ;)
Nice portrait and good interpretation of TDS assignment.

Sandra said...

well of coarse mom!
He's a character. Nice job on the assignment.

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