Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Daily Shoot assignment is “Rotate your camera today a bit and make a slightly off-angle photograph. Use the angle to emphasize your subject.” This one only sorta meets that assignment – I did  use a different angle, and I kept this rule-breaking image (the subject is way off of where it should be, and too close to the edge, so it’s off-angle, right?), so I’m calling it an answer to the assignment.
I was going for extreme sunflare when I shot this one – the morning sunlight on the cherries was really neat.

This one was shot with my cell phone on the way home from the auction. (I got to go to the auction on the spur of the moment! Yay! It’s been MONTHS!)


Sandra said...

Great sunflair! Nice job on the challenge.
You went to the auction? Well?
whatya get?

Anonymous said...

Sun flare along with bokeh makes the first shot interesting. Nice interpretation of TDS assignment.

joven said...

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