Monday, July 19, 2010


Day 200!! Zowie Howie!!

Since Ken had the day off we all went to the river for some water fun after the errands and chores were done. I didn’t get any great shots of the kids (I was too busy watching 7 young kids!) but I was happy with this shot of Molly. She just loves the river!



I don’t know this kid, but I liked this shot of him jumping off the bridge. I get nervous every time I see them do this, but a friend of mine assured me (several years ago) that the river is quite deep enough here for bridge jumping.

Here’s one of Caleb at the river. He really enjoyed the inner tube.
(Little bit of a topazish adjustment on this one.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Elli on your 200th day of this 365 project - I know the feeling ;)

I like these snapshots. 1st one is real nice - I like the freeze action and water splash.

Sandra said...

Congratulations on day 200! What another accomplishment.
Great images! Wow the action shots are nice. Great captures.

I'm glad you guys took off and had a great day.

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