Monday, June 28, 2010


This one isn't monochrome - it's just funny. Mom and I found this sign posted in Hamilton.

I bet it costs a lot more than $1,500 to gild a whole horse. Even a mini one.

In case the funny escapes you, compare:



Here is my monochrome Monday shot. As we were driving down the highway I noticed these leafy spurge (I think) plants growing up out of this old piece of equipment. I couldn't look down into the bucket of this whatever-it-is (it was too tall), but from what I could see, these determined plants were probably 4 feet tall, at least. These things are gonna grow, no matter what!


Sandra said...

LOL- hope they didn't pay much for that advertisement.
Nice monochromatic image.

Anonymous said...

I like the monochrome shot - nice details and wonder how it looks in full color.

Amanda said...

Great variety and character! This is a great shot!

I had to look up the suggested words, but that is a funny sign!!

Thistle Creek Photography said...

cool monochromatic shot!

See and all this time we have been gelding the animals.. I didn't know I was supposed to gild them.

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