Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Daily Shoot assignment - “Today's color is yellow. Find something that's yellow in color and make a photograph of it.”

Here’s a Saturday Snapshot I took of two sweet little ladies this morning. (I know, I know – snapshots are supposed to be on Sunday, but this one was on Saturday.) 

We had a great family day around the house today. It was wonderful to stay at my very own house and do whatever I wanted to do! I did leave for an hour for praise team practice, but that was fine because I love singing with the praise team. Pizza, family game night, happy children…good times.

(This one wasn’t taken today, but it was taken during another fun summer day, and I thought it illustrated my point well. Look at the size of that tree!)


Sandra said...

Aw, sounds like an awesome way to spend a day!
That is a huge tree!
Kids enjoying summer?

Anonymous said...

Nice snapshots Elli. That tree is huge and seems like the kids are exploring the tree.

Amanda said...

Brillant yellow!!
Sounds like such a fun day! That TREE!!! WOW! I have never seen one even close to that size! Very happy shots of the kids!

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