Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love the inventiveness of my children. Andrew decided to make brooms today. He found some yard, some weeds, and an old broom handle, and made a broom. This is actually his second one. The first one was made with old, dried something-or-other, and I’m sure it came apart as he tried to sweep with it. He obviously learned something, though, and this one stayed together for quite a bit of sweeping! Rose had a great time cleaning my sidewalk and ramp with it.

The Daily Shoot assignment is “Make a photo composed of interesting shadows today. Try composing with long shadows at the beginning and end of the day.” I wasn’t able to get out with my camera when the shadows were long, but I did get this one shot of Fancy and Molly.

3 comments: said...

That broom made me smile. Smart kids...
Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Like that lot when kids creative somethings different.


Amanda said...

Your children are very industrious! I like the shadow. :)

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