Sunday, June 20, 2010


Snapshot Sunday! Ken’s brother and family are in town for a week, so we’ve been hanging out at Nana’s house having fun with them.

After a rousing game of “football,” (the only rule is that anyone over 18 is winning) Ken kicked the football out into the field and told the kids to go get it. Nice kick!

(Molly was quite happy to chase it.)

Nathan kept claiming injury – it seemed to happen most when he didn’t get the ball the moment he wanted it. Wierd. Here Uncle Jerry and Cousin Cristina are offering sympathy to the wounded player. Or something.

Caleb and Nathan both struggled with the grumpies every time they didn’t get the ball.

But it’s really hard to stay grumpy when Uncle Jerry runs over and poses with you. Even Molly got into the action!


Anonymous said...

Nice snapshots Elli.

Looks like you had a nice weather and everyone had fun.

Jennifer said...

Nice snapshots!!

Look lot of fun kid had!


Sandra said...

Looks like everyone was having fun - even with the grumpies - even Molly!
Great shots.

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