Wednesday, June 9, 2010


For Walkabout Wednesday I walked down to my neighbor’s yard and stole some flowers. lol. Well, I took one little bunch of crabapple blossoms off her tree. I don’t think she’ll sue me. I put them in a vase of water to take The Daily Shoot assignment photo, but I didn’t like how any of the crabapple blossom photos turned out. I took those blossoms out and put in a poofyhead. I’m not overly enthusiastic about this one either, but it’s a photo, it fits both assignments (my own and the daily shoot), and it does have characteristics that I like. I love how the edges of the puffs took on the color of the vase. I think if I had been able to shoot in sunshine (I’m not sure I remember what that is) it might have been even more pronounced. Anyway…enough babbling. Here’s my photo for today.


Sandra said...

Proof positive that weeds are nothing more than flowers that are unloved. The detial in the poofy head is perfect and the red background just make the poofy head pop! Great image.

Anonymous said...

That shot reminds me of Epcot dome. Nice details.

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