Friday, June 4, 2010


Ken and I went out on a date! Whoohoo! We went to dinner at Cheng Family restaurant, and then went to see Iron Man 2. I enjoyed our dinner, and I especially enjoyed the fact that it came very quickly! I ordered broccoli beef, and it was good. I loved the mushrooms!

Iron Man 2 was pretty good. It was quite loud, with lots of explosions, and a lot of action. I thought it was a little short on story line, but I guess they made up for it with a few good one-liners, and lots and lots of blowy-uppy things.

Have a great weekend – check in tomorrow for birthday party pictures. We’re celebrating Austin’s 11th birthday tomorrow!

(Oh, and for my Project 365 friends – I will do today’s challenge tomorrow. I just ran out of time today.)


Sandra said...

Well good for you! You got to go on a date. Just you and your hubby. You deserve/need it. LOL

Your food looks yummy, minus the mushrooms. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice snapshot. Food looks yummy.

Jennifer said...

Sound great to be on date jsut 2 of you. Dinner look good!

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