Saturday, May 22, 2010


I made it to day 142 without cheating! But I’m cheating today. This is actually a snapshot I took yesterday, but I just edited it today. Caleb asked his daddy to help him make a mask out of this head-sized box. Funny boy. He played with his “mask” ALL day! He took it to Mom’s house, he carried stuff home in it, he wore it while he played outside…

On a similar note – Ken and I have decided that for Christmas this year we are going to give our children boxes with rocks wrapped in bubble wrap. What more could they ask for? They love boxes, rocks, and bubble wrap. I think this will be a cheap Christmas. :-)


Anonymous said...

Cute kid and what a wonderful way to recycle the empty boxes.This reminds me of a billboard ad for identity protection where the guy has a mask made of paper bag.

I am always surprised at what little things will make the kids happy.

Sandra said...

ROFL! You are too funny. Oh, I think they would notice how easy you guys got off on the presents. LOL
I hope Caleb never loses his imagination! I love looking at pictures of him and the stuff he comes up with!
You edited today, that has to count for something, right?

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