Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, it’s been a very, very busy Tuesday, and I didn’t get a dedicated “texture” photo…but here’s some nice texture! My sweet son Dale bought these roses for me last night. Not only did he see roses and decide to buy me some, but he thought it out – one rose was $3.98. A dozen was $12.98. A dozen was a better deal, so I got a dozen! Good boy!

Here’s a storyboard I just had to put together. Molly is learning to obey, and she now stays in the yard when the kids leave for school, but she doesn’t do it happily.
She’s really turning into a great dog. Whew!


Sandra said...

Beautiful roses. What a great son you have. Your dog looks so pathetic - the poor doggie.

Gary Schmeidler said...

Way to go DALE, thinks like an accountant and can still charm the ladies! I like this kid! :-)

Nice captures Elli!

Anonymous said...

I like the texture and details on the unfurling red rose. You have done a good job in putting together a story board.

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