Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here are a couple Sunday Snapshots. We had a pretty low-key, lazy day. We spent some time outside with the kids – Ken played catchish with Austin, Kristi, and Nathan. There was a lot more ball chasing than ball catching, but they all had fun.

Nathan got distracted from the game – Hammy came to visit, and Nathan had to chase him.
(My kids call every squirrel Hammy after the squirrel in Over the Hedge.)


Sandra said...

That a great capture of Ken. Nice work. Hammy should pose for you sometime - LOL

Gary Schmeidler said...

Nice capture of Ken! Sharp and nice even lighting!

Anonymous said...

I like lazy Sundays. It's gives time/energy for the week ahead ;)

I like these snapshots. First one of Ken looks great - great smile and simple pose.

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