Thursday, April 8, 2010


It’s my first real cheat day! I spent the day doing some serious, deep cleaning (kitchen, my closet), and I never got my camera out. I did practice some post processing during one of my breaks, and that was fun. I love learning how to use Photoshop. But for today’s photo, I’m posting a shot I took yesterday at the dollar store. My two boys were having a good time goofing off…I am so thankful for these little men (and all of their cohorts)!
(I love the belly sticking out of the almost-too-small sweater!)


Sandra said...

Your boys area always up to making us smile. LOL
Fun capture.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Our shirts always go to the "hand me down" box b/c the sleeves are too short. Even on my tall guy, his arms are so much longer than his torso. Your boys are hilarious... great shot showing their personalities!!!! @juliebavi

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