Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For this Walkabout Wednesday I walked about in Walmart! Oh, and my mom’s house. I loved the colors of the footwear at Walmart!

Here’s my mom’s west-facing window. It has such lovely late afternoon light!

All of these were taken with my Palm Pre Plus. The last one was processed with the Soft Autumn Glow action from CoffeeShop. I loved the way it accentuated the shaft of light coming in through the left pane.

I didn’t have time for any study or reading today. I will probably get to that after the kids go to bed tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Drop a line if you have thoughts on my photos!  


Amanda said...

I love how colorful this post is! That action works really well on the photo you used...great choice. :)

PLPortraiture said...

Now THOSE are FUN Captures!

I love your Mother's window display!

Jennifer said...

wow lovely color!!

Plus your mother's window display too!

Leslie said...

Oh I love all your colors! I just saw those aisles of boots today at Wally World and thought they were cute :)

bakingbarb said...

Adorable colors!

Sandra said...

Great colors!
Love that window.

Sandra said...

Great colors!
Love that window.

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