Saturday, April 10, 2010


It’s day 100! I’m so pleased that I have made it all the way to day 100 and I haven’t forgotten a single day! This project (and this year!) are passing so quickly!Today we celebrated Nathan’s 7th birthday. I can’t believe my first birth baby is 7! Seven years ago right now I was in labor and just hoping this baby would come OUT! He was turned sideways and making me much more miserable than he had to. But all that misery was well worth it. Nathan is an amazing, funny, clever, adorable kid (no bias here). It was a 14-year wait to have my first birth baby, and it’s incredible to think that it’s already been 7 years since then! Happy birthday, Beanboy. I love you!
1. Nathan didn’t appreciate our version of the birthday song.
2. This beanbag toss game was hard! The holes are so small!
3. I loved how the row of goodie boxes looked.
4. The tire roll was a challenge for the smaller kids, but they all had fun.
5. This game was the Tire Toss – the kids tried to toss their beanbags through the tire as it passed by them. Only 3 or 4 made it.
6. Nathan got some great gifts, including Madagascar Kartz for the Wii.
7. Yummy chocolate cake with Boston Cream filling.
8. Happy Speed Racer Birthday Nathan!

(This fun storyboard template is from CoffeeShop.)


Sandra said...

Happy birthday to him! What a wonderful gift. The decorations and the games looks awesome! Great jobe planning this party.

bakingbarb said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us.

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