Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It’s not Texture Tuesday this time. Today I have to share a few shots I captured here and there. Just cuz I liked ‘em.

I think this  is a great look for Austin. Whaddya think?
(Taken with my Palm Pre Plus)

This is silhouetted in front of my kitchen window. It’s a blossom on my ornamental pepper plant. My house plants are blooming! I haven’t killed them!

Mom’s daffodils are blooming! Yay! I shot this one just by holding my camera down near the ground and shooting up towards the flower. The ground was too wet for me to get down there and look through the viewfinder. Blind luck, for sure. (This is cropped from the original to eliminate a bunch of nothingness.)


Sandra said...

Yay! Everything is blooming! LOL
great look for Austin. Why do I get the feeling you get that look a lot? LOL FUN shots today.

bakingbarb said...

You started my morning with a laugh!

Mel said...

yay for flowers and Spring!!! We are in the 80s here today, crazy we just had snow about a week ago!! Wild spring weather, I can't wait for my flowers to start blooming though! and LOVE the picture of Austin :P

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