Friday, March 26, 2010


Here’s a Friday Food photo! It’s chocolate milk, which I believe is its own food group!

I think I’ll continue to practice – maybe outside where I can get more natural light and not struggle with grain from a relatively high ISO (400 on this one – my 20d doesn’t handle 400 and above well).

I’m not going to have time to prepare the Friday Challenge photo – I was going to go with a “family” theme, but we’re not going to be together today, and I just barely have time to get ready for the Ladies’ Fellowship meeting this evening, so I’m going to have to miss this week.

I’m looking forward to our meeting – this month’s theme is “Tacky.” We’re supposed to dress tacky and bring tacky foods, and I imagine we might even have a tacky activity or two. I’m taking all my photo gear so I can set up a photo booth or something and make sure to capture this night for posterity. :-) (Or blackmail.) I’ll be sure to give you a peek tomorrow.

If you’re feeling inspired to try some splash photos, check out this set - ‘love ‘em! I can’t wait to try more in full daylight!


PLPortraiture said...

now T H I S is a FUN Capture!

Leslie said...

Oh that is AWESOME! How many shots did it take to get it perfect. Love it. I didn't get to the FFF challenge either...and it was Troy's birthday so it would have been a good "family" shot. I never touched my camera though :(

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