Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here’s my Tuesday Texture. This is one of Fancy’s formal gowns. It’s so sparkly in the sunshine!

I took a photo of Kristi from a couple months ago and laid the new texture on it. The texture layer is set to hard light with a lowered opacity (I don’t remember what it was set to), with a gaussian blur of 4.

Here’s the original…

Great article here. Check it out, photogs.


Brittany said...

That looks great as a texture! And that little lady is too cute to boot! What a sweetie!!!!!

Sandra said...

It is sparkly and I'm loving your texture series and it's a great idea that you are showing how you use them. Nice.

Mel said...

oh love it you are going to have an AWESOME set of textures by the end of this year at your disposal!

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