Saturday, February 27, 2010


Once again, I did not do scenery for this Scenic Saturday. It’s gray again. Instead I decided to take some photos of my Snack Taxis. We all love these wonderful little things! They are so much better than plastic sandwich bags. And they’re so cute!

Anyway, I was setting up to take some nice photos of my snack taxis – testing light, arranging the elements just so – when someone sneaked in from the side! Apparently the lure of peanut butter dinos was just too much!


The Ross Family said...

Those are super cute. Did you make them? Silly Caleb!

snaphappee said...

I did not make them. I ordered them from Their cuteness is one of the reasons I had to buy them!

Sandra said...

Very cute and earth friendly. Love it. Caleb - lol.

Sandra said...
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Gary Schmeidler said...

LOL good catch on the sneaky little hand, Elli!

Jennifer said...

fun way to have snack with that bag

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