Wednesday, February 24, 2010


♫I got to shoot at the Burger Shack!♫ I love doing that. Here’s one shot I just pulled out quickly to post…
This is the Ranchero burger with sweet potato fries. I’ve never tried a burger with a chili pepper on it, but this looks yummy!

And here’s the pull-back shot I forgot to take last time…
I used my Canon 220ex flash on full power through the umbrella. I used that little mirror as I needed it to direct a little more light on the food – especially with the sandwiches that were stacked up. It’s held on to the paper towel holder (that’s weighted, so it stays put) by the magnet on the back of the mirror, but it’s easy to remove and use as I need it. The white backdrop is a piece of foam core posterboard that’s taped to a metal bookend to keep it upright. I’m nothing if not high-tech.
All the food images were shot with my 50mm lens. They were shot at f/5 to f/8, iso 200. The shutter speed varied depending on the light at the moment. I always do my flash shots on full manual settings. The pull back was done with the 18-55 lens and AV setting – I don’t know what the settings actually were on that (and I’m too lazy to look them up).

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EKSeattle said...

oh that looks good! I love sweet potato fries!

Sandra said...

Another delicious looking image. I love sweet potatoe fries too. I sure hope they let you taste them. LOL.
Love Love Love your high tech set up.

Jennifer said...

Looks too good!

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