Monday, February 1, 2010


Happy February!

Photographers, if you’re not a follower of The Pioneer Woman’s photography blog, you should be. She shares great photos, good info, and a lot of inspiration. If you’re not a photographer and you don’t follow The Pioneer Woman’s Confessions blog you’re really missing out. She’s funny, talented, and a very real person. She must spend a lot of time blogging – she has so much going on over on her site!

Anyway…there is a point to this…The Pioneer Woman has a Charlie. I want a Charlie. He’s beautiful and wonderful!  I know that I will not have a Charlie any time soon, but I sure do love her posts about Charlie. Here’s my very favoritest one.

Since I don’t have and won’t have a Charlie soon, I decided to take pictures of the closest thing in my house. (By the way, Mom, this is actually yours. Barbara got it for you at the auction.) :-)

Thanks for stopping by on Monochrome Monday!

(Oh – lit by a candle and some ambient light, ISO 1600)


Sandra said...

Those are both awesome sites and I really like your charlie. Nicely lit.

Jennifer said...

Been in PW blog.. got book for Christmas too.

cute Charlie!

Amanda said...

Great idea with lighting a candle for light!
I really enjoy pioneer woman! I think I'm going to look into buying her cookbook...

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