Thursday, January 14, 2010


I’ve had my Thankful Thursday shot in mind all day, but by the time I could actually take the photo I was too tired, too hungry, too cranky to do it justice. Oh well…

I’m so thankful that Ken now has a job with Dayspring Restoration! Yay! He’s worked for them on a temp basis for several months, but he’s a real employee now! Whoohoo!
(This is his new work coat.)

This is a side note…I saw this young man petting my cat, and I had to ask…what happened to my BABY?? With those white, lace-up sneakers, the big boy jeans, and the nice sweater he looks all grown up! Where did the last 4 years go?


Sandra said...

Oh Congratulations to Ken!!!
Your little man? Time sure does fly, doesn't? Makes me kind of sad. Sigh, enjoy him, next time you turn your head he might be graduating high school or something. :(

Jennifer said...


Four already!? ((hugs)) Enjoy every moment with him..

Amanda said...

Great news! Congrats to Ken!

On the 2nd photo, he really does look more like a young man than a baby! I know the feeling...sigh..

PLPortraiture said...

A wonderful Thankful entry.

I love the emotion in your 2nd pic. 4 is such a precious age. Then they turn 5 and all the growing pains start... enjoy!

仔仔 said...


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