Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 363

(I got this ready on the right day but, for some reason, I didn’t have internet last night so I couldn’t post. So it’s a day late. I’m dating it on the right day so I can find it later.)

Here are a few shots from the retreat…

This is a shot of our room. The bed was sooooo tall!!

I thought my mom would appreciate the lovely pillows on our bed.

This is the view of the dining and living rooms from upstairs.

Bill and Deb enjoyed the porch swing early Friday evening. It was raining lightly, but the swing was on a covered deck, so it was a lovely, peaceful spot. I took this shot through a glass door, so the odd lights in this shot are reflections of the indoor lighting.

This was the bathroom of our master suite. The red is a little too vibrant in this shot, but I didn’t take the time to get it just right.

Here is the whole group…it was a fun collection of people to spend the weekend with!


Sandra said...

What a colorful place!
LOL - the reflection on the swing makes him look like he has horns.
It looks like a nice relaxing time.

Amanda said...

That looks like a wonderful place! I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Your Organizing Guru said...

How very... ummm... red!
Seriously, it's beautiful there. I'm glad you had such a great weekend!

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