Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 360

I finally pulled out my reversing ring to try a tiny bit of macro stuff (like that pun? tiny bit? I still think I’m funny.). I have a shot of the whole glass taken with the 50mm on properly, and then a couple shots of some of the air bubbles in the glass taken with the 50mm on backwards with the reversing ring. Kinda cool!
(Lit with overhead light and a flash bounced off the ceiling or the window.)


Your Organizing Guru said...

Ummmm... technical post... and pretty glass. :) ~J

Sandra said...

Tiny, bit??? LOL
I've never tried the reversing ring. Honestly, don't think I've ever even heard about it, but wow you can get macro shots with your 50 mm using it - that's awesome.
That second macro shot is nice, it's in focus and you an see so many details. Try it with a flower, fabric, wood, insects. I wanna see. :)

Amanda said...

Nice work! Macro is great! I was wondering the same thing as Sandra...wishing I could take macro with my 50mm.

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