Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 355

I wanted to see how my new stuff works…I got these two treasures at the auction last night. Andrew is sitting on my new stool (showing off his new Rubik’s cube). It’s shorter than the others I have, so it’s great for these in-between kids.

And my sweet mother-in-law bought this adorable little wheelbarrow for me! (She also bought the stool – but it’s not adorable.) Caleb settled on a place with lots of leaves for his play, but unfortunately the spot didn’t give me much room to back up. I was stuck in a fence corner and my new 50mm lens requires a little more space than I had. Oh well…you can get an idea of what the adorable wheelbarrow looks like.

I hadn’t really noticed it before, but my friend Cassie pointed out recently that all my photos of Caleb have motion blur. Too funny. This one does too, if you look closely at his hands. What a great point! He truly is always in motion. Even when he sleeps. I’ve often said that sleeping with Caleb is like sleeping with an octopus tangled in a windmill. I’ll make sure this photo links to its Flickr page (don’t tell Flickr that I usually forget) so you can see the blur. :-)


Your Organizing Guru said...

Brian has decided lately that HE wants to be the photographer. Talk about blur! That little man is in constant motion! He does takes some interesting shots though.
Great treasures! Love the wheelbarrow.

Sandra said...

Awesome props - you have a great MIL!
Motion blur? Ha! Your lucky you can get his head in focus. And lets face it, that's all that matters. The little man has places to go and things to do.

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