Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 320

Another day during which I was too busy to take photos. I went out this evening to see what I could see, and I was NOT happy with what I saw…

Do you see what I see? Aren’t those leaves supposed to be ALL green? It isn’t fall yet, is it? Just cuz the temps are dropping and school has started…does summer have to be over?

This shot was inspired by Barb’s post  yesterday…my littlest man identified it for her as a “Poofyhead.” He then went on to explain that before they are Poofyheads, they are Sunshine Flowers. "And then them turn into Poofyheads." Now you know.


Amanda said...

The "poofy head" explanation makes me smile! Fall really did come fast, didn't it?! It is my favorite season....if only it wasn't followed by such a long hard winter!

Sandra said...

I know! Whaaaaa - not ready for summer to end yet.

Poofy head - LOL

bakingbarb said...

I've always tried to capture trees and its so difficult! I love the poofy head.

Leslie said...

LOVE poofy heads - so cute! And it is WAY too early for fall - I object!

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