Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 308

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I was too busy to get any photos earlier today (7am trip to store, making special breakfast, church, potluck, work at tannery, school supply shopping, serving dinner - SHEESH! No wonder I feel exhausted!) but God provided me with a video opportunity this evening. We got another doozy of a storm this evening, complete with thunder, lightning, hail, power outage, and excited children.

This is my first Flickr video! I took the video with my Samsung cell phone, then uploaded it to Flickr. I love technology!


Sandra said...

Yuck on the weather - amazing super heros you have there and I'm with you I hope the rain takes care of the fire in the moutains.

Tess said...

Aren't videos fun! :) I miss storms like that!

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