Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 306

I loved the way Nathan looked in his blue hat and blue shirt today, so I asked him to let me take his picture. I told him I didn’t want the goofy faces this time, I just wanted my sweet Bean to show through. For once, he complied!

Here’s one more…

(Does he look waaay older than 6?)

Caleb wanted his picture taken – it’s amazing how quickly a photo-op will dry his tears! Here’s the photo – if you click on it you can see it on Flickr, where it has notes about his booboos.


Sandra said...

Nice of your Nathan to cooperate with you. Yes he looks alot older than 6.
Poor Caleb has had a hard day!

Leslie said...

He definitely looks older than 6! WOW. My Trenton is 6 too. love the pics though - yay for a natural smile!

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