Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 302

Nana gave Caleb a cool door “mural” thingy of a cowboy on a horse. The cowboy has a cutout for a face – a photo of Caleb’s face (I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow). I needed a photo of Caleb to put in there, but because of the orientation of the mural, I wanted Caleb’s face to be turned away from me a bit. I told him to look at a particular object over my left shoulder, and then look at me without moving his head. He had no trouble at all…

The other kids thought this was a great game, so they wanted to try. Several of them found this (looking without moving their heads) to be a very challenging task.


By the way, all of these photos were edited using (I even did Levels and Curves with it!)


Tess said...

What a fun little game! I think it's beyond my girls yet. hahahaha

Sandra said...

LOL - the things you think off to keep the kids busy.

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